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Airline companies raise fuel oil surcharge
Date:2010/10/28      View:1033
Following the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)'s raising of gasoline prices Monday night, many airline companies, including Air China, China Eastern, Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines, announced Tuesday to raise their fuel oil surcharge from Wednesday.

According to the announcement, for an adult passenger dislocating by a distance over 800 kilometers, 70 yuan ($10.48) will be added into the flight ticket ¨C previous value was 40 yuan ($5.99). And for routes not exceeding the above-mentioned distance, the service tax will increase to 40 yuan ($5.99) from the previous 20 yuan ($2.99).

"Starting from October 26, the price of the gasoline will go up to 230 yuan ($34.3) per ton and diesel to 220 yuan ($33) per ton," the NDRC said in a statement posted on its website Monday night.

And such influence is to be spread on to other unthought areas. Li Jinmao, vice director of the Guangdong Tourism Association (GDTA), said that the adjustment-due to its making oil costlier- will also cause bus fares to go up, and agencies' operating costs are also likely to rise. And sooner or later, such trend will be dispersed on to consumers.

The move by the airline companies has raised suspicion from the public, who don't understand how a rise of 3 percent of the oil price can cause an over 75-percent rise of fuel oil surcharge.
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