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High realty prices top worry for urbanites: Poll
Date:2010/5/21      View:1435
Nearly all urban residents are most worried about soaring property prices, a recent survey has found.

Close to 84 percent of 2,211 people polled on major Chinese websites said the high costs were the reason why they were not satisfied with their lives in the city.

The survey results, released by the social survey center of the China Youth Daily, also said that more than 55 percent of the city dwellers were not happy.

According to the poll, traffic congestion, pollution, high living costs and weak interpersonal relations were also accused of being main sources of depression with city life.

"I love, hate and feel anxious about city life, all at the same time," said Su Xiao, who moved house six times in her two and a half year stay in Beijing,

"The housing price is too high, so most of my income goes to rent."

By 2020, half of the Chinese population will move into urban areas and the number will rise to 70 percent by 2050, statistics released by the China Association of Mayors on May 11 showed.

But people are still unwilling to move out of cities - more than 73 percent of those polled said convenient shopping was the best part of city life. Cities also offered relatively better healthcare and education. A dynamic culture and sound social welfare were also appreciated.

"Cities are the place to change our destiny and realize our dreams," said Qi Feng, a white-collar worker in Beijing who used to live in the countryside.

Qi said there is only one hospital in his hometown, but he can easily access many hospitals and better doctors in Beijing.

When asked what would make cities a better place to live in, most of the respondents said good public security, well-established public facilities and pleasant environment were important.

Sound public transport and unique culture were also said to be significant advantages.

About 66 percent of those polled also preferred to live in small and medium-sized cities, while about 21 percent chose to live in metropolises.

"City planners should take care of migrants' living conditions by creating more work opportunities," the China Youth Daily quoted Chinese Sociological Society professor Zhang Renbiao as saying.
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